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affiliated adj : being joined in close association; "affiliated clubs"; "all art schools whether independent or attached to universities" [syn: attached, connected]

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  1. Associated, related, or united.
    We are not affiliated with any commercial publisher.


  1. past of affiliate

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Affiliated is an album by MC Eiht, following the strong "Veterans Day" release from 2004.

Track listing

  1. CPT MF'z
  2. Which Way Iz Up
  3. Say Nuthin' (featuring Chill)
  4. What The Fuc U Want Me 2 Do (featuring Chill & Bam)
  5. The Ghetto
  6. G'sta Melody
  7. Just Lean
  8. CPT'z Bac
  9. Where U Frum (featuring G-Luv of Tha Roadawgs)
  10. Gangsta Minded (featuring Chill & Jaz)
  11. Respect It (featuring Compton's Most Wanted)
  12. N My Neighborhood
  13. Pipe Down (featuring Chill & Bokie)
  14. Smoke Dis* (featuring Chill & Jayo)

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